Frequent Inquiries

Over my years as a shopkeeper of the magical and the mystical, I've gathered a trove of questions that many of you share – queries about our whimsical creatures, enchanting artifacts, and the mysteries of our Arcane Artificer. This page is a collection of those frequent inquiries, crafted to enlighten and inform your journey through our wonders.

However, should your curiosity extend beyond the realms of these common questions, fear not!

I am but a letter away. Pen your query, no matter how peculiar or profound, and send it through the mystical ethers to me. Whether it's a question about a specific item, a magical conundrum, or a bespoke request, I'm here to guide you. So, write away, and let the magic of discovery continue!

Questions about my wares

What eye color will my creature have?

When it comes to the eye color of our magical creatures here at Wiggley's Wonder Workshop, variety is the spice of life! Each creature is created with an array of enchanting eye colors, adding to their unique charm and personality.

However, when you place an order, the universe decides, and a creature with a random eye color will embark on the journey to your home.

But fear not, my dear customer, if you have a particular preference for your creature's eye color, I am more than happy to accommodate your wishes. Simply let me know by writing me a letter or mentioning your desired color in the order note. I always strive to ensure your magical companion is as perfect as you envision.

Do keep in mind, though, that if your requested eye color is not readily available or needs to be specially created, this could lead to a slight delay in your order. Magic, after all, takes its own time, and I assure you, it's always worth the wait. Rest assured, I will do my utmost to bring your vision to life and ensure your creature arrives just as you hoped, even if it means weaving a bit of extra magic here at the workshop!

Can I get an item in a color that is not listed on the product-page?

Ah, your inquiry about color customization is as vibrant as the wonders in my shop! Here at Wiggley's Wonder Workshop, we revel in the rainbow of possibilities. While each product page showcases a specific set of colors, the world of color extends far beyond those bounds.

If you have a hue in your heart that you don't see listed, do not fret! The key lies in the color of filament available to us. If the shade you desire is within our magical palette, then indeed, your wish is my command.

However, it's important to remember that crafting your item in a new color takes a bit of extra time – for magic cannot be rushed!

I invite you to write me a letter, detailing the color of your dreams. Together, we can discuss the possibilities and ensure that what you receive is not just a product, but a piece of art tailored to your imagination. Do keep in mind, though, that this personalized magic might mean a slight delay in the arrival of your item. But rest assured, the wait will be worth it, for what you'll receive will be crafted with care, precision, and a touch of Wiggley's wonder!

Questions about my Arcane Artificer (Filament 3D Printer)

Are your wares 3D printed?

Ah, your question strikes at the heart of the magic here at Wiggley's Wonder Workshop! Yes, indeed, the wares you find adorning the shelves of my humble shop are what many in your realm would call "3D printed."

However, in the spirit of the enchantment that permeates every corner of this place, I prefer to refer to the process a bit more whimsically.

The device responsible for bringing these marvelous creations to life is none other than my beloved Arcane Artificer. While it functions similarly to what you know as a filament 3D printer, the Arcane Artificer is so much more in the world of magic and whimsy. It's a conduit of creativity, transforming imaginative visions into tangible realities.

So, when you hold a creature or a trinket from my workshop, know that you're not just holding a 3D printed object. You're holding a piece of magic, crafted with the love and care that only the Arcane Artificer can infuse. Each item is a testament to the blend of artistry and wizardry that defines Wiggley's Wonder Workshop.

What is this Arcane Artificer that you keep talking about?

The Arcane Artificer, a marvel of my workshop indeed! Allow me to elucidate the wonders of this magnificent machine. The Arcane Artificer, in simpler terms, is often referred to as a filament 3D printer. But, as you might guess, it's far more enchanting than your ordinary printer!

This extraordinary device creates items not by mere construction, but by a magical process of layering. It uses filament and builds up the desired object layer by layer, each one adding to the form and essence of the final creation. Think of it as a sculptor, meticulously carving out details, except that it's done with precision and magic that only the Arcane Artificer can achieve.

Each item it produces, be it a whimsical creature or a mystical trinket, is a result of this layered magic. The process allows for intricate designs and details that would be challenging, if not impossible, to create by hand. The Arcane Artificer is my faithful companion in the realm of creation, breathing life into the visions and dreams that populate Wiggley's Wonder Workshop. So, when I speak of this device, know that it's not just a machine; it's a purveyor of magic, a creator of wonders!

While the Arcane Artificer is indeed a wondrous device, it's important to note a charming quirk of its magic. The objects it creates, be they fanciful creatures or mystical trinkets, will bear visible layers. This is a natural side-effect of its layer-by-layer creation process. You might also notice occasional impurities or slight marks – small reminders of the magical process at work. These unique characteristics should be expected and are part of the charm of each creation.

As the keeper of the Arcane Artificer, I always strive to minimize these marks, ensuring that each piece is as close to perfection as the realms of magic and technology allow. Yet, it's these very imperfections that imbue our items with character and uniqueness, making each one a true, one-of-a-kind artifact from Wiggley's Wonder Workshop.

So, when you receive an item crafted by the Arcane Artificer, remember, you're not just getting a product; you're getting a piece of art, complete with its own little quirks and idiosyncrasies!

At what detail does your Arcane Artificer produce your wares?

A splendid question, indeed. The wares at Wiggley's Wonder Workshop are not just created; they are brought to life with an eye for detail that befits their magical essence.

The Arcane Artificer, my trusted device, works with layers that range in thickness between 0.12 mm and 0.08 mm. The selection of this layer thickness is a careful art, dependent on the item being conjured into existence.

For creations that demand the utmost intricacy – where every minute detail contributes to their enchantment – finer layers of 0.08 mm are employed, ensuring that even the most delicate features are captured with precision.

Conversely, for items where robustness and a bolder form are key, a layer thickness of 0.12 mm is used. This balance ensures that each item, whether it requires the finesse of finer layers or the strength of thicker ones, is produced with the amount of detail necessary for a truly magical result.

Rest assured, every creature, trinket, or artifact from my workshop is a testament to this meticulous process, ensuring that when you hold a piece from Wiggley's Wonder Workshop, you're holding a little piece of magic, crafted with precision and care.

What materials are used for your wares?

The heart and soul of our wares are born from the mystical workings of the Arcane Artificer, which is fed, primarily, with a magical substance known as PLA filament from Polymaker.

PLA, or Polylactic Acid, is a wondrous material, favored for its versatility and the quality it imparts to our creations. Polymaker is our main source of this filament, renowned for its consistency and the vibrancy of colors it offers – essential for the enchanting artifacts that populate my workshop.

In some instances, though, our magical endeavors call for us to venture beyond and explore other brands of filament. But worry not, for we always ensure that it is PLA.

This steadfast commitment to PLA is due to its reliability and the fact that it aligns with the magical and environmental ethos of Wiggley's Wonder Workshop.

Thus, whether it's a whimsical creature or a mysterious trinket, you can be assured that it's crafted from the finest PLA, imbued with a touch of magic and a commitment to quality that is the hallmark of my workshop.

Questions about shipping

What shipping partners do you use?

when it comes to ensuring my specially crafted doodads reach my esteemed customers, I entrust this vital task to reliable couriers of the mortal realm.

Primarily, I call upon the services of PostNL, a trusted carrier known for their diligence and care in handling parcels, ensuring that each magical item from Wiggley's Wonder Workshop arrives safely and swiftly to your doorstep.

However, the whims of magic and logistics sometimes dictate a different path. In such cases, I turn to DHL. This choice is made based on what the specific shipment requires, be it an international journey or a need for a particular type of delivery expertise.

Rest assured, whether it's PostNL or DHL, my shipping partners are chosen with the utmost care, ensuring that your magical acquisitions are transported with the same love and attention with which they were created.

So, when you order from Wiggley's Wonder Workshop, know that your enchanting package is in good hands, winging its way to you on a reliable and swift courier service.

Customer Service Questions

Something is wrong with my order.

It disheartens me to hear that something may not be quite right with your order from Wiggley's Wonder Workshop. However, fear not, for I am here to ensure that any mishap is transformed into a delightful experience.

The very first step in this magical rectification process is for you to write me a letter. In this letter, kindly detail what seems to be amiss. Whether it's a wayward creature, a trinket that's lost its sparkle, or any other concern, your words will help me understand and address the issue with the care it deserves.

Upon receiving your letter, I will delve into the matter with all the attention and wizardry at my disposal. My utmost goal is to turn this unfortunate occurrence into a wonderful experience for you. Rest assured, every step will be taken to right the ship and ensure that your journey with Wiggley's Wonder Workshop is nothing short of magical.

So please, pen your concerns and send them my way. Together, we shall make things right and perhaps even add a little extra sprinkle of wonder!

How can I return my order?

If you find yourself needing to return an order from Wiggley's Wonder Workshop, worry not, for I am here to guide you through the process. The path to a smooth and hassle-free return is laid out in detail on our Shipping & Returns page.

I encourage you to visit this page, where you'll find a comprehensive description of the steps to take. It's crafted to make your experience as straightforward and magical as possible. From packaging the item to the address to which it should be returned, every piece of information you need is there.

However, should you find yourself with further questions or in need of assistance, do not hesitate to write me a letter. I am always here to ensure that your experience with Wiggley's Wonder Workshop is delightful, even when it comes to returns.

Remember, your satisfaction is paramount in my realm of whimsy and wonder!